Can You Wear Glasses While Fencing?

If you’re looking to get into fencing as a glasses-wearer, one of the first questions you might ask is if you can wear them while fencing. In short, yes you can wear glasses while fencing, and your fencing mask can be adjusted to accommodate your glasses.

However, there are some things to consider before you decide to wear them while fencing. Here’s six tips for wearing glasses while fencing. 

1. Use a Throwaway Pair

Even though your mask can be adjusted to fit your glasses, your glasses are likely to get damaged while worn with your mask. The mask is constructed of metal, which will scratch your glasses rims and lenses should it make contact. You will also frequently need to put on and remove your mask during fencing lessons or before and after bouts.

If you’re not too concerned about your glasses getting scratched and bumped then that’s fine, but if you are we suggest using a throwaway pair of glasses you don’t mind getting damaged.

2. Get Your Glasses Adjusted

You may also want to get your glasses adjusted so they fit more snug to your head. You’re very active while fencing, and the combination of head movement and sweat will make your glasses looser on your face. A tighter fit should help prevent this from becoming a distraction during a bout.

3. Buy a Glasses Strap or Retainer

An alternative or complement to getting your glasses tightened is to buy a glasses strap or retainer. These connect between the two arms of your glasses and can usually be adjusted to fit tight to your head. This will make them more secure and causing interference while fencing. 

4. Buy Prescription Sports Glasses

If you’re committed to wearing glasses and you want to make sure you are wearing the very best, you could invest in some prescription sports glasses. These will be tailored to your prescription, while also being form-fitting to your head and designed for use in sports and fitness activities. This may be a better option if you are fencing competitively and need a reliable pair for the best performance. 

5. Use Contact Lenses

Of course, another option is to opt for contact lenses over glasses. Some fencers feel that their glasses, depending on their style, fit, shape and weight are too cumbersome to wear while fencing. Many fencers opt for contact lenses instead, giving them the same level of vision without the burden of glasses.

6. Don’t Wear Them

Depending on how strong your glasses prescription is, you might also want to consider not wearing them at all. Some fencers who use glasses for specific purposes, such as driving, using screens or reading, find the costs outweigh the benefits to wearing glasses while fencing. 

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