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Fencing Guides

Fencing Breeches

Discover more about fencing breeches (knickers) and the different types.

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Fencing Lamés

Learn more about lamés and their role in electric/wired fencing.

fencing chest protector
Fencing Chest Protectors

Find out more about fencing chest protectors and if you need to wear one.

fencing mask
Fencing Masks

Read our complete guide to fencing masks for foil, epee and sabre.

Two fencers competing in a competition bout
Fencing Jackets

Learn more about fencing jackets and the different types before you buy.

Fencing plastron
Fencing Plastrons

Find out more about plastrons, what they are and why fencers wear them.

Three fencing swords with pistol grips
Fencing Swords

Learn the basics of foil, epee and sabre swords, their differences and what one to choose.

Fencing Glossary

The largest fencing glossary online with 200+ fencing terms explained.

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